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Begins January 8, 2024

Gratitude meditation

Mondays @ 4p.m. PT
30 Minutes

Connect to, activate, and anchor the energy of Gratitude in your being. We use the breath and imagination in this meditation to align with and expand the heart, bring the physical body into coherence, connect to intuition, and create greater coherence in and gratitude for the world around us.

Price – $14.99/monthly subscription for all online meditations (including recordings)

Remote Via Zoom
Begins january 12, 2024

Deep Body Meditation

Fridays @ 1p.m. PT
30 Minutes

In this meditation, we work with the Violet Flame and the body, transmuting low-frequency energies in the physical and subtle energetic bodies, instilling calm and a deep inner peace. We also work with the Intelligent Body to bring light into the cells, organs, and systems.

Price – $14.99/monthly subscription for all online meditations (including recordings)

Remote Via Zoom



During our individual coaching sessions, we will teach you simple tools and teachings to help you create more coherence and calm in your body and life. We will explore deeply rooted limiting beliefs and patterns in your life, and we will guide you to connect to your heart and activate and anchor high-frequency beliefs and patterns, replacing the old limiting ones. We will also explore your relationships with yourself and others as well as other issues that may be showing up in your life. We will also offer some “life hacks” to help you support yourself in your own journey. In our work together, you will be able to shift your perspectives and master your emotions and thoughts, transforming your life and creating joy and harmony

“I have never experienced Energy Healing before, and Sonja created a welcoming and safe environment for my healing process. She is deeply compassionate, and I felt extremely at ease throughout the process. We worked together to release some heavy and angry emotions I’ve been feeling for years. Weeks following my sessions I felt these profound positive effects on my energy, emotions, and physical health. The tension in my body and my negative energy felt much lighter. I’m so grateful that Sonja brought such a powerful healing method to me, and I look forward to returning to her whenever I need healing support!”


Individual Coaching Sessions:

  • One-hour coaching session (in-person or over zoom)
  • Cost: $108

The Wholeness Coaching package includes the following:

  • 6 One-hour coaching sessions (in-person or over zoom)
  • 1 Mary Magdalena Energy Session (remote)
  • Access to Meditation Videos
  • Cost: $495 (value of $756)


Six 45-Minute Coaching Session (in person or over zoom)
Cost: $144 (for all six sessions)

MAry Magdalena

Energy Sessions


As an embodiment of the divine feminine, Mary Magdalena’s presence and power expand beyond religion and beyond comprehension. During a Magdalena Energy Session, specific vibrational frequencies of Mary Magdalena are shared, including oneness, peace, devotion, and tenderness. This is a powerful energy session.

We offer individual Mary Magdalena Energy Sessions to support connecting to the heart and transformation. These sessions are available to anyone, regardless of age or participation in courses or meditations. The session may be in person at one of our locations on Bainbridge Island, Washington, or may be remote. The session takes about 40 to 45 minutes, and require setting aside one hour of time and resting during that time in a comfortable place. You will also be asked to complete an intake form before the session and an online client survey after the session. Both forms take only about five minutes to complete.

*Magdalena Practitioner Sonja Fritts has competed the Practitioner Course and received the Initiation but must perform 25 Magdalena Energy Sessions to complete the Certification. Therefore, energy sessions are offered for FREE until an unknown date when 25 have been completed.

Videos on Demand

We invite you to practice meditation following
our recorded FREE meditation videos.

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