my Story

“Your heart carries the glory of life”

H.H. Jagadguru Sai Maa

New York Law School, Juris Doctor, 1995
Swarthmore College, Bachelor of Arts, 1990

Licenses and Certifications:
Certified Instructor, HeartMath©, November 2018
Attorney, New York State, 1995; Washington State, 1999
(Legal licenses inactive)

Magdalena Healing Society Member, 2021 – 2026

Healing Begins…

Sonja is the owner of Heart Wholeness, dedicated to helping people create fulfilling and joyful lives by connecting to their own hearts. Sonja is a former attorney, whose journey of self-discovery and connection to her own heart began 14 years ago through her own exploration seeking to find meaning, calm, inner harmony, and connection. And like all powerful, transformative journeys, Sonja’s began with struggle and hardship.

Sonja and her husband have four children. In November 2009, when Sonja was pregnant with their fourth child, she nearly died from Swine Flu (H1N1). Six months later, after the elation of simply being alive dissipated, Sonja fell into a deep depression. After trying everything such as nutrition changes, yoga, exercise, therapy, and anti-depressants, Sonja still experienced sadness and obsessive thoughts. Then, in 2014, she began to learn about and explore the world of energy and healing. After her first energy class, her depression was gone!

Since then, Sonja’s children, through their own mental health struggles, have become her incredibly powerful reflectors and teachers. And in seeking to better herself and support her children, Sonja studied meditation, research-based breathing techniques, chanting, shamanic journeying, emotional and mental mastery techniques, tapping, and much more.

In 2023, Sonja created Heart Wholeness to share what she has learned and to empower others to lead fulfilling, joyful lives. Sonja currently lives on Bainbridge Island with her husband and her youngest two children, as her oldest two are in college. Sonja enjoys practicing yoga, paddle boarding, reading, and traveling. Sonja continues to study to transform herself and manifest the life that she desires.

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